Leather, beads & a dream catcher adorn this bronze, black & copper skull.  The swoosh in the front is from a palm tree.

"Dead Heads"

"Dead Heads"

Colorfully painted steel skull that is adorned with feathers, beads & horsehair.

Black, Copper & Bronze metallic paints decorate this skull.  Real fur on horns.

My 'Dead Heads" are actual steer and buffalo skulls which I bring back to life applying mosaic or painting techniques as well as the use of feathers, hardware and horse hair.  Each skull brings a personality that will enhance any wall.

Handmade Crafts

Beautiful black horns are a stand out on this steer skull covered in turquoise shell. There is a silver medallion on his forehead while feathers & beads round out the look.

Long Horn skull that has been decorated in a mosaic style.

Painted  Buffalo skull with feathers bead work and leather trim

Hand carved steer skull in platinum & metallic paints.  Real fur on horns.

Turquoise painted steer skull. Leather, beads & horsehair finish the look