This old sewing machine has a new outlook on life.  Great-Grandma would be impressed.

“Hello Sunshine”  This colorful table will bring a smile to any face.

“Tuscany” Try serving a little wine and cheese on this beauty.

Your guests will have so much fun looking at all the designs on this table that the food could get cold.  You name it: Circles, stars, stripes, checkers & zig zags.  More is always better.

All my furniture is one of a kind. It is colorful, bold and makes a statement.  I originally painted children’s furniture and gradually started painting ‘grown up’ pieces.  One colorful piece will make a statement in any room.

A multi-colored lazy Susan that would delight any guests sitting at your table.

Painted table with Flower

Designs right out of an Anasazi cave.  Natural warm colors.

Colorful design

Three stacked tables with whimsical cats.Your own kitty may take up residence.

Eight drawer dresser would brighten up your bedroom or even substitute for a linen closet in your hallway.

This set of chairs would be fun in a kitchenette or around a game table.  Turquoise and Rust color with a painted zebra pattern on the back and zebra material on the seats.

Painted table with swirls, twirls, and loopity loops.

A tall bright and whimsical cabinet would be just the punch of color you need in your kitchen.

Fun & Funky Furniture


These buffalo are circling the table along with American Indian inspired designs.  Bright turquoise will pop in your room.

This coffee table would go in any setting.  A splash of metallic paint gives it a little bling.