Three carved gourds make a wonderful lamp.

I was born in Montana & am now living in the Southwest, so am highly influenced by the strength and beauty of Native American Art. My gourds are hand carved, dyed, painted, and decorated with complimentary beads, feathers & other embellishments which I call the jewelry.  Each piece has a soul.

Carved and painted gourd with deer horn stand

Hand carved gourd that will 'catch all your dreams'

A hand carved and painted gourd that sports a modern figure on the front.  Embellishments include beads and feathers.

Hand carved oriental inspired gourd.  It rests on a tall stand.


Painted gourd with 4 native American pictures

Snake gourd in stand. Colored with 5 different colors of dyes.  Decorated with an American Indian pendant and a cute little lizard on the stand.  25” tall.


Carved gourds, geometric designs

Two hand carved gourds with graphic designs on semi-skinned pieces.  Lots of texture.  A monotone feel.

A Kachina face is painted on this snake gourd. The body sports multi-painted ethnic designs.

The smaller gourd is carved in a graphic pattern. The center has a pop of inlaid turquoise stone.

Handmade Carved Gourds

A hand carved gourd that has a lot of texture and style.  Filigree carving in front.  Embellishments include a metal horse and beads.