""Kolorful Kritters"

Affectionately called “The Herd”

Giraffes are between 4’ and 7’ tall.  One would look terrific in a corner, but a herd makes a statement.    Plus, they all have names.  Larry, Soloman, Prince, Zina Mae, Phyllis, Lila & Sami

Little Lizards...They will crawl up your wall or scurry along the table top.  11” long and cute as can be.

Fiona the Queen Frog..

Just look at those stockings and work out shorts.  She would be the hit of any Yoga class.

Buffalo Bill is made of metal and sports real buffalo hair.  lots of texture.

This elephant will steal your heart with his big floppy ears.  This 3.5’ beauty is named Tami.

Pen and Gwen, get it?

Two funky critters you can't help but love.

My "Kolorful Kritters" are transformed wood or metal animals that are a little bit funky, a little bit whimsical and a whole lot of fun.  I purchase the animal and then it becomes my canvas to go from OK to 'Oh WOW'..Polka dots, stripes & bold colors all come together to create these fun guys.  The best part is they arrive with a personality as they all have a name and hair.

Moose in an argyle sweater?

Well, why not!   Especially when he has a tuft of  feathers on his head…

This charming gal is named Lazy Susan.  She would love to lounge in the corner of your room.  3.5’ tall.

These two hunky and colorful lizards will be a great decoration for your yard.

Bentley will serve you or your guests. He sits and holds a tray for your drink or appetizer.  He’s a cutie.

Dakota is a "Root'n-Toot'n Cowgirl Puppy"!

Big fat horse. Definitely not a jumper.  But he is sure cute

Gary and Terry are 3’ wooden Lizards that sport colorful coats.

Fergie is a fish…  A pretty, blue, purple and turquoise fish.  A bathroom counter would be divine setting.

whimsically painted

"Kolorful Kritters"