All these gallery pictures are creations that I have carved, painted or dyed.  They are original one-of-a-kind pieces and appeal to a wide range of people.  They may inspire you to pick out something that will make a statement in your room.  It could be a Gourd, a Dead Head, a painted piece of furniture, a carved wall hanging, a whimsical “Kritter” or even a painting. Some of the published art has been sold, but it demonstrates a motif or color that may strike your fancy. I’ll be happy to talk with you and work out something that would be perfect for your needs.

The "Kritters" are made of wood, metal or ceramics.  I buy the animal and then it becomes my canvas. The results are funky and fun. What I can find is what I paint. I can’t always guarantee what "Kritter" I’ll have on hand.  The best part is that the "Kritters" arrive with a personality because they come with a name.

The Dead Heads are real steer skulls.  They have been brought back to life with paint or mosaic & an array of embellishments.

The Wall Hangings are cut, carved, and dyed to order. I use Poplar wood.

The Gourds I buy in Arizona and California.  Most are thick and heavy.

The Furniture are wood pieces that I pick up from consignment stores or estate sales…People also drop off their own furniture and specify what colors they prefer.

Paintings are different size canvas. All done with acrylic paints.

Regardless, if you find something you like or want something that is not shown, you can be sure that what you get will be Fun Funky and Fantastic.

If you are interested in any of these shown pieces or would like to talk about a project, please call me at 435-817-1312 or email me at .

Thanks for stopping by my gallery.

Gini Pierson

Dead Heads


Art is my Passion
Creativity is my Mantra
The Studio is my Sanctuary


"Kolorful Kritters"

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